Wedding Stuff, Yay!

I like both of these cakes. As you can see, my colors are blues and possibly lavenders. But ideally, just light blues, tropic blues, and whites.

I am making a binder FULL of wedding ideas.. With everything from favors, colors, dresses, flowers, and food to napkins, guest books, slipcovers, and rings. It’s hard to keep all of my ideas inside, so I’ve been jotting down notes in my binder. But, I’d like to share some other things.

To the right is something like what I want to do. As part of my favors, I’m going to do the Cookie Bar thing. My cousin did it as his wedding, and now I think I’ve passed the idea to Matt’s sister (who is getting married next June). It’s when you have your mom, the groom’s mom, your grandma, the groom’s grandma, aunt, bridesmaid.. WHATEVER.. making cookies and put them in a huge glass jar. Then there are like 5 jars of different kinds of cookies. Each guest can go through the line and pick up a Chinese to-go box, fill their box with cookies by picking them up with a wooden tong, and take a recipe card. It looks so cute. The picture on the right is the color of box I like because it matches the wedding colors I have in mind. But I want a bar so people can choose. It’s clever. Thanks, Martha Stuart.


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